Is The Pirate Bay blocked for you? Try one of the pirate bay proxies below. This list is tested every 30 minutes and ordered by speed. Last updated 09/12/2019.

Website Country Speed
thepiratebay.orgSEVery Fast
piratebay-proxy.netCHVery Fast
thepiratebay.tokyoJPVery Fast
thepiratebay11.orgUSVery Fast
tpb.blueUKVery Fast
proxybay.techDEVery Fast
piratebayproxy.cxCXVery Fast
thepiratebay.guruUSVery Fast
openpiratebay.euESVery Fast
proxybay.siteUSVery Fast
openpirate.netUKVery Fast
unblockpirate.icuUSVery Fast
proxytpb.netUSVery Fast
tpbmirror.vipFRVery Fast
piratebays.bizUSVery Fast
proxyofthepiratebay.comUSVery Fast
thepiratebaybay.orgUSVery Fast
lepiratebay.orgFRVery Fast
tpbproxy.redDEVery Fast
proxybay.proUSVery Fast
freepirate.netUSVery Fast
proxybay.centerUKVery Fast
pirateaccess.infoUSVery Fast
thepiratebayproxy.infoUSVery Fast
pirateunblocker.netUSVery Fast