Is The Pirate Bay blocked for you? Try one of the pirate bay proxies below. This list is tested every 30 minutes and ordered by speed. Last updated 23/05/2022.

Website Country Speed
surfbay.xyzUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.digitalUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.bestUKVery Fast
thepiratebay11.orgUSVery Fast
pirate-proxy.funUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.monsterUSVery Fast
pirate-proxy.lolUSVery Fast
lepiratebay.orgFRVery Fast
tpb.lolUSVery Fast
piratemirror.coUSVery Fast
thepiratebay.lolUSVery Fast
ukpirate.coUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.icuDEVery Fast
piraat.meUSVery Fast
uk-pirate-bay.comUKVery Fast
uk-pirate.comUKVery Fast
tpbproxy.oneNLVery Fast
pirateproxy.questSEVery Fast
pirateproxy.networkBRVery Fast
tpb-proxy.coESVery Fast
tpbproxie.comUSVery Fast
tpb.barUSVery Fast
proxybay.cloudUSVery Fast
proxybay9.comUSVery Fast
proxypirate1.comUSVery Fast
piratexbay.comUSVery Fast
piratebproxy.coUSVery Fast
ukpass.funUKVery Fast
proxybay.cxUSVery Fast
tpbunblocker.xyzUSVery Fast
unblockpirate-bay.comUSVery Fast