Is The Pirate Bay blocked for you? Try one of the pirate bay proxies below. This list is tested every 30 minutes and ordered by speed. Last updated 27/10/2021.

Website Country Speed
thepiratebay11.orgUSVery Fast
uspirateproxy.comUSVery Fast
tpb-proxy.coESVery Fast
indiapirate.orgINVery Fast
proxybay9.comUSVery Fast
proxypirate1.comUSVery Fast
lepiratebay.orgFRVery Fast
uk-pirate-bay.comUKVery Fast
ukpass.funUKVery Fast
uk-pirate.comUKVery Fast
pirateproxy.questSEVery Fast
proxybay.cxUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.bestUKVery Fast
tpbunblocker.xyzUSVery Fast
piratexbay.comUSVery Fast
tpbproxy.oneNLVery Fast
tpbproxie.comUSVery Fast
tpb.barUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.icuDEVery Fast
proxybay.cloudUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.networkBRVery Fast
piratebproxy.coUSVery Fast
proxybay3.comINVery Fast
pirateproxy.monsterUSVery Fast
pirate-proxy.funUSVery Fast
unblockpirate-bay.comUSVery Fast
pirateproxy.digitalUSVery Fast
freepirate.netUSVery Fast